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This Is Why You Should Try a Photo Safari

Everyone loves to post a spectacular photo that they’ve captured on their social media pages or share on family or friend WhatsApp groups. It gains more social points if those unbelievable shots were from an unforgettable experience that you just had. In the safari industry today, the photo safari is becoming an increasingly popular choice for wildlife enthusiasts, amateur and professional photographers, and even those who are new to both worlds. Everyone wants to treasure their momentous adventures and it’s even better when they’re able to do so through high-resolution photographs.

So, what is a photo safari and how is it different to the average safari experience? Here’s the thing – most safaris are photo safaris for most people today. Most of us have a smartphone that can take decent pictures, at the very least. But for those who want an unencumbered experience where they’re free to take the shots that they’re looking for, a true photo safari is what they want.

In Southern Africa, the Big 5 are the rulers of the wildlife parks. We guess they know it, too, everyone’s there to gaze at them with awe and wonder (fear factors in there for some, too, admittedly). But it’s not just the Big 5, of course – majestic bird species, antelope, and even the smaller, more mischievous mammals are great to capture on proverbial film. 

Light and Timing – Essentials for a Photo Safari

A dedicated photo safari allows for the ability to capture stunning shots. Our photo safari packages let you get up close without having to clamour around fellow adventurers. For starters, most of our safari vehicles allow for 4-6 people to sit comfortably so there’s no need to worry about someone else’s head taking up most of your shot when you’ve stopped for a sighting. It’s all about optimum access – virtually everyone’s got a window seat.

Another factor that makes our photo safari options so popular is that our rangers and guides understand the need to capture those moments on your adventure. You really don’t want the vehicle to suddenly jerk forward and get going before you even had the chance to adjust your camera settings and get that first picture of a lioness and her cubs lounging just offroad in the Northern Sabi Sand. Our team allows you to take your time getting the right shots instead of just whizzing along to the next place of interest.

The Differentiator – Photographic Guide with Tutoring

Photographers of any level understand that light is as or more important than composition. Capturing that silhouette in the late afternoon hours of a few wildebeest dawdling behind the herd on a hillock at MalaMala makes for that trademark shot. But you can’t get it without the right light. We ensure that you’re out on those drives to appreciate golden hour and into the darkness and we’re geared up to take you out in the early morning for stellar shots.

Even if you’re a beginner photographer who’s just recently become acquainted with your setup, we’ve got you covered. You’ve likely not taken many photos in a bush setting but our photo safari packages include a photographic guide and tutoring to help you along the way. You’ll receive hands-on photographic assistance to help you better your skills and teach you new techniques in getting the best from the location and your equipment.

With many of our packages, this often includes dedicated post editing time – with the expertise of a photographic guide at hand. You’ll get a better idea of which modes to use and how to correct your techniques for the next session out among the wildlife during one-to-one sessions that make for constructive downtime between drives.

We’ve got a wide variety of photo safari packages for you to explore, including unique hide photography experiences in Botswana and Lentorre

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