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Snow Leopard & Pallas’s Cat Expedition (Ladakh)

Welcome to the heart of Ladakh, a land where rugged mountains carve through the sky and elusive predators roam in the shadows. Our expedition offers a rare opportunity to delve into the realm of two enigmatic felines: the elusive Snow Leopard and the mysterious Pallas’s Cat.

In the remote corners of Ladakh, where jagged peaks pierce the heavens and valleys lie shrouded in mystery, we embark on a journey to encounter these captivating creatures in their natural habitat. Join us as we tread lightly through the pristine wilderness, guided by expert trackers and conservationists who share a deep reverence for these majestic cats.

Through patient observation and unwavering determination, we seek to witness the grace and beauty of the Snow Leopard as it prowls through the snow-capped peaks, and unravel the secrets of the Pallas’s Cat as it navigates the rocky slopes with stealth and precision.

This expedition is not merely a journey into the wild, but a pilgrimage to honor the resilience of these iconic species and the fragile ecosystems they inhabit. Together, let us embark on an unforgettable adventure to uncover the untamed spirit of Ladakh and the mesmerizing world of its elusive feline inhabitants.

Dates & Rates


17 February – 05 March 2025


  • US$ 6000 pps or US$ 6700 single in a homestay
  • US$ 6800 pps or US$ 7500 single in a lodge for Snow Leopards. Pallas’s Cat will be in a homestay.

A portion of the proceeds from each spot sold go toward supporting conservation and the locals from the areas visited.


  • Maximum 8 guests
  • Legend Safaris photographic guide and photographic tutoring
  • Accommodation in Leh: Hotel on MAP plan
  • Accommodation in Ulley: Local homestay or lodge with heating arrangements, all meals included, and shared western toilet facilities
  • All transportation by Innova
  • Local naturalist in Ulley
  • Spotters and spotting scopes
  • Wildlife protection fee
  • Village community fee
  • First aid box
  • Oxygen cylinders


  • International flights
  • Any kind of personal expenses or optional tours
  • Alcohol
  • Anything not specifically mentioned under the heading “Services Included”
  • Tips, insurance, laundry

Weather: Leh will experience pleasant, warmer temperatures with good sunshine. Temperatures typically range from -20°C to +15°C. Days will be warm, but evenings can get bitterly cold. It’s essential to stay well-hydrated at all times. Please only drink bottled mineral water, ensuring the seal is intact. A cool box stocked with mineral water bottles will be provided in your vehicle for the day.

What to Wear: Prepare for cold climates by bringing thick jackets and trekking boots.

Comfort & Eating Out: Consider requesting less spicy food if needed. If you have food allergies, please inform us in advance so we can advise on suitable options. Consume food in small quantities, always freshly cooked and served hot, as your stomach may not be accustomed to the spices and oil used in preparation. When ordering cold drinks, request no ice in the glass. Bottled water and drinks must have unbroken seals when purchased. We recommend labeling your bottles.

Others: Cell phone connectivity may be inconsistent while on the road between destinations and varies among operators. Prepaid mobile numbers do not work in the UT of Ladakh.

The Fine Print: While the itinerary is the part to dream, over here are the Terms and Conditions to ensure our trip runs smoothly. Please read carefully.

Disclaimers: We cannot accept responsibility for flight delays or lost luggage; once air tickets are booked, the airline’s conditions apply. Please be patient during airport formalities. Our team assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to property or baggage, injury, illness, death, or any damages or claims arising directly or indirectly from accidents, delays, transport failures, strikes, wars, terrorism, uprisings, or acts of God over which we have no control. The tour starts upon your arrival in Leh. Our aim is to provide a hands-on experience of local life and culture rather than a tourist coach bubble situation. There’s a clear timetable for each day but flexibility to explore options at each location. If you see something you like and time allows, we can stop and check it out. We ensure you have a memorable experience with us.

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