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Another day in Kruger

Another day in Kruger

I had the most exciting time the other day with my guests from Israel. A really jolly family and they only had the one day in the Kruger. You can imagine I was really keen that it should prove itself worth it for them, but in a situation like that Kruger always comes thru.

We started a little late that morning and actually began the game drive only by 9 am, and by then we had lost the morning already. But as I said Kruger comes through. What do we see as we cross the Sabie high water bridge?……. Mating lions… on the road!!!! My guests seeing lions for the first time were thrilled like you cannot believe. They were right up against the car too, literally 2 meters from the car lay this huge male lion. The lioness just a little further away. It was awesome. We had a few herds of elephant that day in the Sabie River along with a herd of buffaloes.

After lunch we crossed the Sabie River at the low water bridge by Lower Sabie and had a brief sighting of a leopard walking through the bush on our left. It was quick but then leopard sightings are often like that. Along the H10 we had a whole bunch more elephants and then the last of the Big 5……. rhino!

I was quite thrilled that we had the Big 5 because it was their only safari but we were further blessed with all the plains game imaginable. There were herds of giraffe zebra and wildebeest all around us; steenbok crossing the road, bushbuck and nyala browsing alongside the road. It was a feast for the eyes and I might add…. The soul!

Just when we were on the home stretch getting out of the park we come up on a hyena casually strolling along the tar road heading out for his evening walkabout. That was just great! We were so full of goodies and just when we thought nothing could be better, we saw a clump of cars 100 mtrs further along and from behind the cars out pops a lone wild dog. WOW!

That was a Super 7 day, simply fantastic, as I said some days Kruger just comes through for you.

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