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The wonder, thrill, and suspense of the wilderness – it’s what we’re made for. From the grassy plains to jungle wetlands, Legend Safaris is a team of explorers and guides driven by a quest for knowledge about local flora and fauna, and respect for the majesty of the great, wild outdoors. We’re here to share our passion with you, prioritising tailor-made client service and relations with a sustainable approach to wildlife.

Legend Safaris is an ATTA member and SATSA-affiliated, based in Johannesburg, South Africa – Our expert scouts understand the secrets and beauty that the country has to offer. Since nature knows no borders, Legend Safaris also offers tours in Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Uganda on the African continent, as well as helping you discover the jungle’s most elusive creatures in India and South America.

Expertise and Experience – African Safaris and Tours

Nature can be unpredictable – that’s why we’re always prepared. At Legend Safaris, Shaheen (Managing Director) and his team have got you covered. With over 20 years of experience in safaris and tours, our team plans for the unexpected.

Catering to the thrill seekers, the luxury connoisseurs, and those who want a bit of both, we offer selected groups a raw, unadulterated look into the heart of Africa’s wilderness. We’ve also got options to get up close and personal with some of the continent’s most striking fish species with rod and reel.

Africa’s beauty is to be shared with the world – Legend Safaris unlocks the experience.


Responsible Tourism – The Way It Should Be

Our world is to be appreciated, not abused. Above all, Legend Safaris adheres to an ethos of responsible tourism, or ecotourism. A conscious and consistent effort, in keeping with the principles of ecotourism, towards conservation efforts in observing and interacting with wildlife is paramount.

Positive, sustainable tourism is what we, at Legend Safaris, pride ourselves on. Responsible travel to natural areas begins with a shift in perspective and practice towards the environment, local people, and surrounding wildlife. It begins with each of us.

Your Goals, Our Mission – Safari Packages for You

Our standard packages are standard only in name. Each package promises the most exhilarating sights, sounds, and spirits of a region optimised for the time of year and coupled with superior accommodation. Whether you’re just getting acquainted with the wild for the first time or you’d like to become more familiar with the primal world, our exclusive safari and tour packages are expertly designed for you.

Everyone is different. That’s why Legend Safaris caters to the vision and goal of your ideal safari and tour with tailor-made packages, too – your needs, your budget, your experience.

And for those who want to capture the splendour of what nature has to offer through the lens, our specialised photo safaris offer you the opportunity to learn the art of wildlife photography in spectacular clarity.

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