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Another day in Kruger

I had the most exciting time the other day with my guests from Israel. A really jolly family and they only had the one day in the Kruger. You can imagine I was really keen that it should prove itself worth it for them, but in a situation like that Kruger always comes through…

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  •   Legend Safari completely swept me off the ground and just really blindsided me in all the best ways possible for a safari, as I had zero ideas and expectations of what a safari was going to be and what I wanted. Shaheen, the owner of the company, was already very friendly, patient and easy to talk with from the beginning over Whatsapp. A big factor that led me to go on a leap of faith and book with them was probably his demeanor. I got lucky and just signed up for the 7 day Sabi sand plus 3 days including the Panoramic View and a day in Kruger National Park.


    Shaheen and Zaheer (Photographic Guide) were always down to earth, approachable, soooo friendly that you just think of them as friends for the week, going on this amazing experience with you, on twice daily rides. We laughed all the time, but still easily dove into conversations on important matters; whether it was safari and wildlife related, or other worldly things we wanted to discuss. Like I said, we were like friends, and I consider them a big part of my South African experience by connecting with the locals and seeing life through their eyes. They were also knowledgeable and outspoken about whatever they knew of the present animal, even though in our “Safari Tank” of 8 guests we had a tracker up front, and a ranger who is also a driver that had a well of info on even more wildlife subject matters. I was with two groups and I can tell you that everyone became like a family, one unit, because Shaheen and Zaheer just exuded this happy, optimistic, and fun energy while maintaining professionalism and running the operations smoothly. What a great time. I’m still smiling so big writing this and thinking about my amazing trip from last month. It is amongst the top coolest thing I’ve ever done in my LIFE!

    Prepare to dive into a diverse variety of food, three times a day, family style. I really looked forward to them because that’s when we all got together to share stories about ourselves, make fun of each other, gossiped about what pride of lions would encounter what coalition of lions or what leopard bush drama had happened or might happen, and just a good time around the table. It was always enough food that’s you don’t have to worry about starving. I really like the desserts too, pecan pie!!


    So I thought safaris would be just like.. “there’s a zebra, there’s Zazu the bird, and there’s Timon and pumbaa and they are this this this, and that and brown and have four legs and love to eat grubs. Like I said, I hadn’t done a great job at researching safaris. But I didn’t realize that our whole week of Sabi Sand would be like a TV SERIES! We knew the name of the prides, some of the lionesses and their history. So each encounter was special and built on the last incident. It was really personal and contributed a great deal of depth, meaning to the understanding of what we were seeing, not just random snapshot of animals. So some drives later became like another episode with the return of the main character and a few supporting cast members. So so so amazing.

    My favorites were the LEOPARDS. I spent time with both groups from October 19-25, meeting 6 leopards through the week on the 12 total drives. (Tlalamba, Tingana, Mr Q(Uarantine$, Inkanyeni, Mondzo, and Thandi.) all with some kind of backstory, personality, and especially expressive characteristics. Since we had seen and been following Tlalamba since the second day of my safari, and towards the end! I felt like I KNEW her and could observe growth and changes and even fall in love with her, through real life. Wild animals seen on tv became much more REAL and tangible almost. Such a truly wild but personal experience.


    Always felt safe, even when the big cats walked right past our car. I knew that we were in a safe place, as long as we followed instructions and remained calm and quiet during close encounters.
    My room was always tidy, clean, comfortable and always provided me a good sleep to be ready for my early day at 05:30am!

    Post Safari:

    As I’ve told my friends and family about my trip, I realize it sounds like I’m recapping detailed, narrated episodes of some wild life show. It’s because that’s how into we get, and because these animals have been observed and watched through SAFARI LIVE, they have the knowledge and resources to explain to us who they are, what roles they have, why they do what they do... and how their life is played out in front of you.

    Thank you for not just helping me see the BIG 5, but in a way that is respectful of the animals, engaging, empowering and inspiring for us as people, and as individuals who want to keep seeing them free and thriving in the wild, where they belong.

    I would come back and bring my mom and sister!! GO WITH SHAHEEN AND ZAHEER! They’re the best!!

    thumb Elleeats8
  •   Thank you for booking with us and thanks for the review.
    It was a ptiy about the weather.
    Looking forward to welcoming you back soon with better weather 🙂

    thumb Jeanine R
  •   Thank you so much for joining us on Safari and thanks for the awesome review.
    It was a pleasure dealing with you and it was great hosting you.
    We look forward forward to the next one 🙂

    thumb Kabzvarachia
  •   Legend Safaris they only thing i can say is "WOW"
    From the beginning to the end was and absolutely amazing experience
    Shaheen, Zali and the team were nothing more then amazing hosts and not only met but exceeded our expectations .Food also was world class
    Expect a lot more business your way for i would highly recommend anyone one looking for a amazing safari to ONLY book with Legend Safari

    Again thank you to Legend Safaris for a amazing and unforgettable trip, for weeks after we still talk about

    thumb ClassTraveller786
  •   Thank you so much for joining us on Safari and thanks for the awesome review.
    It was a pleasure dealing with you and it was great hosting you.
    We are looking forward forward to the next one 🙂

    thumb lharris153
  •   Traveling from Texas to South Africa was the trip of a lifetime for me. I did not want to go on just any Safari, I wanted to go where I was familiar with the area and the animals. I had been following Zaheer on Instagram for years, so when the opportunity came about to go on a Safari with him, I was eager to jump at the chance and took my sister with me.

    We flew into Hoedspruit and were met by Jones, our Transfer pickup arranged by Shaheen. He was delightful and inspiring as he gave us a wonderful chat the entire drive about the History of the area. As soon as we pulled out onto the road leaving the airport we saw Giraffe, Baboons, Elephant, and various antelope on the sides of the road as we drove to Djuma. It was so exciting to see that as soon as your feet touch the ground in South Africa.

    Arriving at the Gowrie Gate to the Sabi Sands, we were met by Zaheer and checked in with the Rangers, and then a short drive to the beautiful Djuma Private Game Reserve. Shaheen was awaiting us at the Vuyatela Lodge & Galago Camp. We stayed at the Galego section. The grounds of the lodges were just lovely and landscaped to perfection. Our private bungalow was beautiful and roomy with all the amenities you could desire, from a lovely outdoor shower to a huge indoor deep bathtub for a hot bubble bath, and even chocolate on the pillows with a daily menu of the meals to be served each day. The food served to us 3x a day was AMAZING, to say the least. You never walked away hungry. The ladies of Djuma who cooked and did all the housekeeping can not be left out, they were all fabulous.

    Our Djuma guide for the week was Rexon, and our tracker was Mike. They were absolutely the BEST in making every game drive experience memorable. The places you would never believe a vehicle could go thru, Rexon made it easy. He always explained everything in great detail and we learned so much. We had the best of care from the drinks and snacks on the drive to having Rain Ponchos for us when we least expected to have any wet weather.

    Our sightings were spectacular...Multiple leopard sightings! Tracking a pride of lions with 9 little cubs and 2 Large Males, resting in the shade on a hot afternoon, watching in awe as the little ones nursed. Following a young leopardess on her morning hunt in the golden light at Sunrise made for beautiful photography. All of the general animals from the birds, to multiple herds of Elephants, Rhino, Impala, Nyala, Kudu, Zebra, Wildebeest, Warthog, Mongoose, Hippo, and Giraffe was all so very special. I have to say, for a Photographic Safari, we were always placed in the most perfect positions to get that once in a lifetime shot, every time. Tracking a drag mark across the road, and through the bush, to find a half-eaten python stashed under a log and followed the tracks to a female leopard with week old cubbies in the den was epic. Following another young leopard from drinking at a pan to settling upon a termite mound at sunset in the background was breathtaking. The perfect African Sunset. Then traveling thru the open wild as the light fades away and parking next to a lone male lion resting in the evening darkness, waiting, as if on cue, to have him lift his head and call out to his pride and his brothers who had gone off far away just absolutely vibrates within your entire body and grabs your soul. Absolute MAGIC!

    All the people in our group for the week were just the most lovely individuals. Strangers coming together on Safari, with the love of the animals and the Wild African bush, but at the end of our time, we all left feeling like a family and it was hard to part and say goodbye.

    This truly is a wonderful Safari company with very kind, caring, knowledgable, professional individuals. I would highly recommend contacting them to make all your Safari dreams come true. I can't wait to get back and do it all over again.

    thumb WestTexasKitty

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