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Welcome to the world of Legend Safaris, we can’t wait to help you plan your ULTIMATE SAFARI ADVENTURE! 

We take you to vast continents to engage with cultures in countries that are filled to the brim with landscapes that will imprint themselves on your memory with their beauty and astounding contrasts. Join us as we explore sightings, screaming reels and adventure-packed activities that will keep you coming back for more. 

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Wildlife Safaris

From prides of roaming lions, to elegant and lazy giraffe, the great apes and many more memorable experiences.

Fishing Safaris

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life to the remote lakes for splendid days of fishing, birding, canoeing, and total relaxation.

Photographic Safaris

Join us on an exciting Photographic Safari , to capture nature at its finest. Enjoy Safaris with our state of the art Safari vehicle and a qualified guide to get you a closer look. 



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Another day in Kruger

I had the most exciting time the other day with my guests from Israel. A really jolly family and they only had the one day in the Kruger. You can imagine I was really keen that it should prove itself worth it for them, but in a situation like that Kruger always comes through…