Kwando Tiger Fishing Safari

On the Angolan-Zambian border, via the town of Shangombo in western Zambia, lies the Kwando River, a brand new tiger fishing destination to get excited about! This untouched piece of paradise twists untamed through the 8km wide Kwando floodplain, a glittering barrier to the Angolan landscape that stretches beyond view. Over and above its aesthetic value, the vast floodplains serve as a breeding ground for baitfish ensuring an abundant fish population all year round.

The explosive green atmosphere of the Zambian backdrop comes second only to the prolific fishing that the Kwando has to offer. Due to the unchartered nature of the waters, lures are unfamiliar to the fish who react exactly as they are intended to, making for superb artlure, spinning, and fly fishing in depths of over 5m. The recently established “Kwando 100 Club” is testament to the high-volume fishing that takes place on this unexplored territory, where over 100lbs of fish was caught on lure or fly off one boat in a single day!

The main focus of this part of the river, and the Kwando in its entirety, is a totally new tiger fishing destination using lures and fly and experimenting with different techniques to catch other species. Other species include nembwe, humpbacked large mouth, and three spot bream which make for particularly excellent fishing during the mid-year winter months.

The comfortable Kwando camp comprises 3m x 3m bow tents with proper beds, quality linen, and central ablutions equipped with high pressure hot showers and flush toilets. A full kitchen and bar lies at the heart of the camp where guests can savour three course meals and icy cold drinks after a long day in the magnificent Zambian sun.

The first safari in this spectacular location will be hosted from mid-June to late-July and both drive-in and fly-in options are available.


Kwando Tiger Fishing Safari Rates:

From R 22 280 per person for four nights (price subject to increases)

Rates include: Accommodation; all meals; unlimited guided fishing, fuel and fishing tackle supplied.

Halaal options available.



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